Classic Veneer

Since 2010 the Classic Veneer brand has existed and created to meet all the creative ideas of designers.

The direction is founded for presentation in Ukraine of exclusive types of wood and modern tendencies of an interline interval for an interior.

Advantages of using veneer

Classic Veneer

We provide services for the selection of material for an individual project: color, structure, size.

We cooperate with many leading veneer manufacturers.

Finished textures of modified and planed veneer.

High-quality photos of a set of veneer sheets and photos of living textures, for use in project visualization.

Ready visualizations from veneer materials that are available and cooperation with visualizer designers.

Warehouse program of more than 80 decors of modified veneer.

Large range of planed veneer.

Careful and reliable packaging of your orders.

Prompt and fast delivery of exclusive veneers from leading European manufacturers.

Questions and answers
Types of veneers and manufacturing technologies

Modified veneer is a technology of veneer production from natural fast-growing tree species, by the method of pigmentation and creation of an individual structure.

The technology is based on the maximum imitation of precious woods and new unique wood-like textures that meet modern environmental requirements and meet the needs of any design.

01.Peeling of wood
Veneer is produced by peeling (turning) the log of a rotating tree to obtain thin and homogeneous sheets of wood
The sheets are immersed in water with the required concentrate of 100% organic water-based dyes, which do not contain metals and other toxic substances.
03.Creating a pattern
Painted sheets are mixed and glued in a certain sequence to obtain the desired design of modified wood
Sheets of wood are glued by laying in a block
05.Pressing blocks
The sheets are pressed using special molds to create a structure
06.Processing of blocks
After gluing, the block is cut along the edges to create a perfect rectangular shape. This unit is subsequently sanded and is ready for further processing into a modified veneer
The multilayer block is cut in an interline interval 0.55 mm thick

Planed veneer is a thin sheet of wood obtained by cutting “planing” of wood logs on specialized machines. Depending on the texture, planed veneer is divided into radial, semi-radial, tangential. If you want to convey the beauty of the tree, then this is exactly what you need.

01.Segmentation of wood
Cutting of wood logs according to the criteria of the desired veneer structure
02.Boiling wood
Preparation for pruning by cooking logs. This process is important because it makes the wood softer to facilitate cutting
Cutting wood segments on veneer. Obtaining sheets of planed veneer with a certain structure and texture
The cut sheets are dried to the required moisture content, usually between 6% and 12%, which allows the wood to be elastic as it dries. The better the drying process, the higher the quality of the final product, putting the risk of cracks and discoloration
05.Pruning and sorting
Veneer sheets are cut along the edges to give them the correct geometric shape, forming into packes of veneer. In the future, the veneer is sorted by parameters of size, structure and quality
Advantages of using veneer

The modified veneer can not repeat any of the real breeds of wood, and completely imitate any breed of a tree. It has a clear structure, pattern and color.

  1. Frequency
  2. Huge choice
  3. Ease of processing
  4. Stable quality
  5. Duplicated by interlining

The most important quality indicator of planed veneer is the beauty of its texture, which depends on the breed from which it is made. Planed veneer is used for cladding wood products and wooden semi-finished products in the manufacture of furniture.

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Exclusivity
  3. Unique texture
  4. Naturalness


Samples of decors

The Classic Veneer brand offers a wide range of veneers, which conveys a real natural look to create a unique design.

Samples of catalogs and exhibitors

For the professional implementation of ideas, we have prepared a variety of catalogs of veneer samples, which will help to assess the texture and color and make the right choice.

Questions and answers
How to find out if the product is available?

Our warehouse program consists of about 80 decors of modified and 40 decors of planed veneer. For more information about any veneer, contact us by phone or email us.

What are the sizes of veneer sheets?

The sheets of modified veneer are 2300, 2500, 2800 mm long and 640 mm wide on a non-woven basis. Planed veneer sheets can vary in size depending on the cut.

What are the veneer structures?

Veneer structures are: tangential, semi-tangential, radial, semi-radial.

How much does veneer cost?

A sheet of modified veneer costs from 4.5 € to 14 €.

What are the delivery times of veneer, if it is not available?

Delivery time of veneer lasts from 2-3 weeks.

Do we provide "live" veneer photos?

Yes, at the client’s request, we photograph the color, texture and provide quality photos of veneer sheets folded into a shirt.

Do we provide ready-made visualizations?

Yes, we create ready-made visualizations from available materials and work with visualizers-designers.

What are the terms of delivery and payment?

Delivery is carried out by the carrier “Nova Poshta”. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. To send on the same day, orders are accepted up to 10 hours. Shipment of the order occurs after crediting the funds to the account or payment for the goods upon receipt at the warehouse of “Nova Poshta” (cash on delivery – 2% commission).

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